I’m excited and scared at the same time I’m pregnant with my baby #3 and with husband altogether baby #8. We haven’t told the kids we are gonna wait until I’m out of first trimester or out of second not sure yet. Work has been slow but my businesses is starting to look up. I need to make my vision board and make my yearly goals and dreams. I was watching YouTube today like man I can do that all day but I just be so nervous I’m working on not being so nervous and I don’t remember like my voice. I sound like a kid mixed with a squeaker lol not really but to me I do. I’m trying to find my out of the box thinking so I can be on my grind and hustle on I know what I want to do it’s all in the way I manage myself and get it started. Well it’s time to go cook do mommy wifey stuff. I just don’t know what I want to make yet. That’s just another day with ty.

One day in the life of ty

My name is Tykeisha but everyone calls me Ty. I’m new to blogging and I thought hey what better way then to blog about what I do 1 week or 2 out of the month. So I go to the law firm and sign some papers hey I didn’t say it was fun, when I’m done signing I head to the locations and serve notices. I like to think of it as the silent service either you need reminding when your rent due or that you didn’t follow the law, so I’m just reminding you to do so I laugh everytime I say that. It would take me about 4 to 8 hours depending on the amount of notices I have to serve then head home. Then its mommy time gotta get my daughter to finish her homework second graders have they work cut out and she love and hates it at the same time. Then for my youngest oh he is the hand full he love to run around the house and talk a lot of shit lol. And for my step son he 14 that should speak for itself lol he talk shit under his breath but I still love him. My husband to be I love him to death but he has his days when I want to strangle him lol. And that’s just another day in the life of Ty. Oh let me not forget I know I’m not the only one who feels like hiding from my kids and hubby just had to put that in there lol.

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